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Saturday, March 7th 2009

1:38 PM

Awana Update: march 7th 2009

  • Next Time at Awana: hopefully it will be warm!
AWANA today (sat march 7th 2009) has been cancelled at Knight Street due to a heating problem at church.

We will effectively be changing the dates of our Spring Break - two week break to March 7th and March 14th. 

We will hopefully return to AWANA as normal on March 21st instead.

If you have any questions, you can call Auntie Karen - phone number is on the Sparks newsletters, or can be obtained from church; ask for Awana Commander Axel's number.

Awana SPARKLES newsletter highlights:

--> our colouring contest winner will be revealed on March 21st.

--> Special guests will be coming to teach us how to keep our teeth and mouths clean and healthy on March 28th.  The guests (dental hygienists) will be speaking to Sparks and TNT girls and boys.  All parents are also invited to attend!

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Saturday, January 3rd 2009

4:16 PM

January 3rd Awana meeting cancelled

the January 3rd Awana club meeting is cancelled due to to the weather.

Awana will hopefully resume on January 10th.

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Sunday, March 16th 2008

3:35 PM

Spring Break Reminder

  • Next Time at Awana: Back from break... does someone else come back after the last lesson???
  • A Clue... something yummy!
Awana is off on Spring Break until March 29th.  See you soon! 

Oh, and a congratulations to Michael for winning the 10 Awana buck contest!  He was the winning entry from Sparks.  Congrats, Michael!!
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Tuesday, February 19th 2008

5:26 PM

NOTE: No Awana club this Saturday!!

  • Council Time Story: Jesus feeds many
  • Verses: from the Luke
  • Next Time at Awana: No awana on the 23rd- we'll be back on the 1st of March!
  • A Clue... Palm Sunday is coming up!
FYI- A Reminder:

There is no Awana club meeting this Saturday, February 23rd, 2008 so leaders and parents (and clubbers) can attend the Layleader Retreat/Conference at Fraserlands.

Child care is provided at Fraserlands.
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Saturday, February 2nd 2008

1:50 PM

Happy February!

  • Council Time Story: A Fresh Drink of Water
  • Verses: John 4:1-42
  • Next Time at Awana: Stormy weather?
  • A Clue... Everyone remain calm!
February News!

First off, Happy New Year everyone! Chinese New Year begins February 7th.  We hope that everyone has a happy, healthy and God's-loved-filled year!

Colouring Contest: Entries were due this week.  Winners will be announced next week during Awards Time.  All Entries will receive their prizes next week.  The next contest will open the following week and everyone is encouraged to enter!

Awana Buck Design Contest:

 All $10 design entries must be submitted to Auntie Karen or the Awana Store Merchants by February 9th  Sorry NO LATE ENTRIES ACCEPTED!

Website reminder:

The Awana Sparks website is http://knightstreetsparks.bravejournal.com

Hopefully Auntie Karen will manage to keep it updated.  Club cancellations due to inclement weather will be posted on the website, as well as the Sparks Club News.
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Saturday, January 5th 2008

2:41 PM

Welcome back Sparkies!

  • Council Time Story: Devotion Time: Crossing the River Jordan
  • Verses: Joshua 3-4
  • Next Time at Awana: New Testament Time!
  • A Clue... something tells me the River Jordan is important...
January 2008 Sparkles is now out!

Get your copy at Awana today =)

News Summary...

Reminder about the website: Awana Meeting news will be posted here ASAP if club is cancelled.  Contact Auntie Karen if you have questions.

Upcoming Contests:  Colouring- NEXT WEEK!  Awana 10 Buck- Hear the news NEXT WEEK!

Please come on time reminder- when you come on time, you earn Awana bucks and points for your team.  Please try to come on time and remember to sign in with the secretaries.

Volume during Opening Ceremonies.  Please remember that the Opening Ceremonies is an important part of our club night.  Important news and information is shared during this time, and we also get our time to talk to God with one another as one big club (the only time we get together as a whole group!) 

Please remember not to talk during the Opening Ceremonies and to take part respectfully. 

Parents are encouraged to stay at church during Awana club time for fellowship with one another.  There are several fellowship groups you are welcome to join, or form your own small group.

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Saturday, December 1st 2007

6:04 PM

AWANA is CANCELLED- December 1st 2007

  • Next Time at Awana: we hope it's not snowing!
For the safety of all clubbers and leaders, AWANA club is cancelled tonight.

Hope you are all safe and warm inside!
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Saturday, June 2nd 2007

9:06 PM

Sparks Award Winners 2007

  • Next Time at Awana: It will be October!
These are the Award Winners in Sparks for 2007.  Congratulations to all!!

Skipper Award (finished the Skipper Handbook)
Miranda, Jason, Jesse, Jaynie, Charissa, Keith, Harrison, Venus

Hiker Award (finished the Hiker Handbook)
Christopher, Theresa, Noel, Nathan

Climber Award (finished the Climber Handbook)
Matthias, Adin, Taralyn, Kyle

Climber Award and Climber Workbook Pin (also finished the Climber workbook)

Participation Awards went to Samuel and Michael.

Our leaders also got an award for Service!

See everyone next year!!
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Friday, June 1st 2007

6:13 PM

Our Awana Year is over :(!

  • Next Time at Awana: Awards Night!
So our year at Awana is over.  We had lots of fun this year.

On May19th, we had our second outing/pizza party, which was only marred by the rain that only allowed us to visit the park for 10 minutes.  We got to eat yummy pizza and cupcakes though, so that made up for it.

June 2nd is our Awards night.  Lots of Sparkies did amazing work in their workbooks this year and earned awards.  Hope to see everyone there!
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Saturday, April 28th 2007

10:32 PM

Sparks Club April 28th 2007

  • Council Time Story: Zaccaeus makes a new friend
  • Verses: from the book of Luke
  • Next Time at Awana: we're at Fraserlands!
  • A Clue... VRROOOMMM! .... oops! Auntie Karen's car fell off the track again! ;)
Today at Awana, some of us finished our Awana Grand Prix cars and our picture frames!

We also did many sections today, which is a good thing as we have very few nights left to finish our books!

Grand Prix will be at Fraserlands next week! See you there!


During council time, we learned some sign language and the story of Zaccaeus.

Zaccaeus was a tax collector, who was very greedy.  He took extra money from the Israelites on top of the money for the Romans.  Zaccaeus had no friends because he kept money for himself.

One day, Jesus came to Zaccaeus' town.  Zaccaeus wanted to see Jesus, but could not see him because he was too short to see over the crowds.  Zaccaeus climbed a tree to see Jesus.  He did not expect Jesus to see him.

Surprise!  Jesus saw Zaccaeus in the tree and called him down.  Jesus told Zaccaeus that he wanted to eat with him at his house.  This surprised every one!  Why would Jesus want to be friends with a greedy person like Zaccaeus?  Zaccaeus didn't have any friends!

Jesus wanted to be friends with Zaccaeus because he knew deep down, Zaccaeus was a good person, despite the money he was taking.  Jesus forgave Zaccaeus for taking the extra money.

Zaccaeus learned that he could be forgiven and he could have friends too.  He decided to give back all the money he took, and gave back even more than that.

We think that Zaccaeus got even more friends because he learned his lesson.

Jesus loves everyone and wants to be friends with everyone- even the greedy people that no one else likes.  Everyone has a friend in Jesus!
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